#IAMMEC Session Report: Ex2013 Planning and Deploying High Availability

  • Lagged Copies
    • Dealt with automatically by the system but the tradeoff is that it can be automatically played forward in case it’s needed
    • SafetyNet is what was Transport Dumpster, now it’s Transport Dumpster on Steroids
    • Lagged Copy is 7 days, Safety Net is 7 days
    • Lag will play back without activating until ~400 logs are left in the playback queue.
      • If another copy becomes available that will mount, else the Lag copy will come in to play.
  • NLB – Supported for 8 or fewer CAS array targets, not recommended though.
  • Load Balancers – layer 7 no longer required, layer 4 load balancers sufficient enough to handle the CAS traffic
  • Hub Transport runs on all members of a DAG.
  • File Share Witness for Site Resiliency purposes should be located in a 3rdlocation
    • Make sure the connection from both Exchange sites -> FSW is NOT routed through one of the exchange sites to hit the other.
  • Requests in 2013 from the client will make 1 request from the cas to the mbx in a multisite environment, vs. 2010 making multiple requests
  • “If you put your cas load to your dr site without putting mailboxes there, it’s like dipping your toe in the lake and calling that your swim for the day.”  Put it all in the DR site for testing it regularly.  Run it for a few days, a couple of weeks, etc.
  • Work the hardware out
    • Don’t let the hardware go stagnant.  Run production from your DR site and make certain you’re doing good on your failovers.
  • Exercise your recovery on a regular basis.

In all this was a great session.  Only downside was having to deal with people lapsing to the Site Resiliency side of things, which was a totally different discussion topic.

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