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HPE ProLiant Gen10 Server Health Summary / UID Feature

On the HPE ProLiant Gen 10 models with iLO 5, you have a new feature that gives you a health summary when you’re looking at the KVM of a rackmount (side note: I haven’t checked a blade yet w/ the … Continue reading

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Test Lab Build Series – 1 – Planning

The first part of any environment build, be it a test lab, a development platform, or even a production environment, is planning.  Arguably the 2nd most important task in any project is this step, because it is going to guide … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013 Powershell Script: Get DAG-wide Mailbox Statistics

While preparing for our On-prem -> O365 migration of a subset of our users, we ran across the need to gather mailbox statistics so that we could create the migration batches based on metrics. It’s pretty simple for us to … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013 Powershell Script: Get System Wide Message Queue Status

Ran into a case where we had some delivery issues to our O365 hybrid tenant, and realized I’d never figured out a good way to take a look at all of the queues at once, and lets face it, the … Continue reading

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HP 3Par Array Management: LDAP Authentication

I’ve been administering 3Par arrays for the past 5 years for my organization, and only recently have we bothered with LDAP authentication.  We are running 3.1.1 MU2 on our primary array, and wanted to start bringing in additional administrators to … Continue reading

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Powershell Code: How to Extend Password Age in Active Directory

We have a subset of users whose passwords are not expired while they are in a certain stage of their existence.  We store these accounts in 1 particular OU, and once they are ready to move on to their next … Continue reading

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#IAMMEC Tip: Exchange 2013 Admin Center Access via Downlevel Account

When you first install Exchange 2013, the Exchange Admin Center is a bit quirky if you want to use it with an administrative account that is sitting on an earlier version. You will run into an issue where it will … Continue reading

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